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Memories for the First City Championship - free from striving, no one could strive with

At the beginning of my 9th grade volleyball season, it was very common to find our team predicted to be a mediocre team at best.  After all, we lacked consistent and strong hitters, height, and team chemistry at the time.  Unfortunately, through most of the season this held true.  However, when "clutch time" came, we shone, and ultimately, having no expectations became the difference maker. The regular season went by extremely fast.   We were ignored and looked down upon during the entire season, and finished as a lousy 5th in the standings.  Our chances at a title were slim, and it looked like another dismal season for Vernon Barford Blues. Soon after, playoffs came along.  There are no participation awards in tier one; only gold, silver, or bronze.  Our coach made us prepare for the upcoming storm by having practice almost every day.  We did not want to go out without a fight, so nobody complained or talked about nonsense, and practices  became much more focused and inten